Comfort eating

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When some people grieve, they lose their appetite. Lucky buggers. I’ve learned the hard way that I am a comfort eater. I’ve been through breakups, final exams, bully bosses, moving continents, but never lost my appetite. I never fluctuated in weight, however, so I never noticed this little trait about myself. That was until my mother died. Suddenly life was … Read More

Book Club, Booze, and Botox!

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This is why I love Lakewood Ranch. Where else would Book club, Booze and Botox, spring up on your Facebook invitations? Growing old gracefully, is a philosophy I absolutely adhered to. That was until I was given a senior citizen discount at TJ Maxx! I’m forty three, that really hurt, I’m not gonna lie. Now, I honestly, truly, don’t seek … Read More

Why I joined Moms Demand Action

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When Sandy Hook happened I watched in horror, not at just what had happened, but what happened afterwards. What happened after you ask? Fuck all. Sorry for the language, but if that offends you more than children being massacred in school, then this blog probably isn’t for you. Now, I originate from a country where children being massacred is unacceptable. … Read More

Erik Hanson wins Sandies Award

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The Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance announced the 9 winners from the annual Sandies Members’ Choice Awards at its luncheon on Friday, November 16, at the Ballroom at Grove. Over 325 LWRBA members and guests were in attendance. The Sandies honor LWRBA volunteers who strive towards the highest levels of personal and professional accomplishment, devote time and energy to our community, … Read More

Why the Y?

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There’s not a shortage of options when it comes to working out in Lakewood Ranch. There’s Orange Theory, CrossFit, iLoveKickboxing, LA fitness. I’m actually going to have a trial at the new LA fitness at The Green on SR70 so will tell you all about it! For now though I’m at the Y. People scrunch their face when I tell … Read More