Disputes are part of life

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Disputes are a part of life but when individuals or businesses become embroiled in a civil dispute, many think going to trial is their only option to achieve a resolution when in fact it is often the last course of action. Litigation involves going to trial. Once the law suit is filed with the courts the process is formal and … Read More

Sarasota trial practice and dispute resolution services

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Contracts are at the heart of practically all business transactions. Individuals who work in the Sarasota business community know that in order to secure goods and services for the benefit of a corporate entity, one will likely have to enter into a contractual agreement with other parties. At its simplest level, a contract is an agreement whereby one party accepts … Read More

99 problems, but a bar ain’t one

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There has to be a good reason to leave the bubble. Lakewood Ranch has great restaurants, bars, parks, trails, gyms, pools, schools, a mall, and a movie theatre. Apart from hitting the beach, all in all, you could quite happily exist in the Lakewood Ranch bubble and never leave. Sometimes, however, it’s all a bit suburban. Suburban is fine, I’m … Read More