Disputes are part of life

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Disputes are a part of life but when individuals or businesses become embroiled in a civil dispute, many think going to trial is their only option to achieve a resolution when in fact it is often the last course of action. Litigation involves going to trial. Once the law suit is filed with the courts the process is formal and … Read More

Sarasota trial practice and dispute resolution services

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Contracts are at the heart of practically all business transactions. Individuals who work in the Sarasota business community know that in order to secure goods and services for the benefit of a corporate entity, one will likely have to enter into a contractual agreement with other parties. At its simplest level, a contract is an agreement whereby one party accepts … Read More

Erik Hanson wins Sandies Award

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The Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance announced the 9 winners from the annual Sandies Members’ Choice Awards at its luncheon on Friday, November 16, at the Ballroom at Grove. Over 325 LWRBA members and guests were in attendance. The Sandies honor LWRBA volunteers who strive towards the highest levels of personal and professional accomplishment, devote time and energy to our community, … Read More

Can a large inheritance be too much?

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Receiving a large inheritance can be an unexpected windfall or curse to your beneficiaries. If you share these concerns, what are your options? Are there alternatives to a large, lump-sum inheritance that are worth considering? To avoid a negative outcome, it is not uncommon for individuals to evaluate alternative methods to transfer wealth to their beneficiaries. According to a recent … Read More

Social Media Marketing in Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota and Bradenton – Do it Right!

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Using social media correctly involves much more than just creating profiles on the popular social media platforms. Every Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota and Bradenton business is going to have different goals and objectives, therefore requiring different social media marketing strategies, but the following eight examples are universal signs that some changes need to be made: 1. All of your social media … Read More

Show your customers you care about them enough to engage with them and you will see your return on investment.

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Those were the days, when your neighbor recommended the best local dentist over the garden fence and the local restaurant owner knew what you liked and knew your name, as you knew theirs. Then the big boys rolled in and turned the main street into what it is today a faceless barrage of global enterprises. They survived until now because … Read More