Local lunch

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I shoot down Lorraine to get to SR64 so it was only because we were dropping the pup off at the Woofdorf Astoria that we were north on LWR Boulevard. Now I have a few friends that live that way, in Arbor Grande and Mallory Park, so I’m a little blown away that they have never suggested The Granary for … Read More

Shades of Grey

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With so many new models being built, a house in Lakewood Ranch can soon look dated. The Mediterranean style was never my taste anyway. Maybe coming from the U.K. I’ve never had that old world nostalgia. I always gravitate towards, cool and contemporary over the warm, heritage interior seemingly favored by the Midwest migrants to the gulf coast. They even, … Read More

Ten little fingers, ten little toes

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We held T when he was newborn. Alert and strong. A little bruiser at eight pounds thirteen. He was perfect. I loved him so much. Ten little fingers, ten little toes. We were so proud. Everyone thought he had the look of someone who had been here before. Everyone came to visit him, the new little king of the family.  … Read More